Satellites as a service

Actionable data for farmers

TerraSphere converts satellite imagery into actionable data. In the Netherlands, we provide data for the BioScope service and Fieldscout App. Farmers receive fresh satellite and drone images every 10 days. The service includes task maps for variable rate application of fertilizer, potato haulm killing, and scouting maps to analyse growth anomalies in the field. The service is also available through farm management systems at Akkerweb & DACOM.

Decision support services

In Bangladesh we run the award-winning GEOPOTATO service together with Mpower. Over 40,000 smallholder potato farmers signed up to receive SMS alerts on when, what and how much to spray against Late blight disease. Satellite data is used to monitor Leaf Area Index as input in the Decision Support Service that calculates infection risk based on a model developed by Wageningen University & Research. Farmers have decreased crop losses by more than 30% by using the GEOPOTATO.

Agribusiness intelligence

TerraSphere provides mapping of crop parameters like crop extent, crop type, biomass development and yield over large areas. In Myanmar TerraSphere produces satellite-based intelligence for Village Link who run the Htwet Toe app and VLSS platform connecting farmers with agronomists and agribusinesses. In various African countries, starting in Kenia, Tanzania and Uganda, we map crop type and extent for GEOGLAM. The data is used to forecast production and monitor food insecurity.

Micro-credit parameters

Satellite data can be used to monitor crop development of individual fields throughout the entire growing season. By comparing fields cultivating the same crop, relative performance can be calculated against regional and multi-year averages. This information can be used as input into credit-scoring engines of micro-credit providers to assess and decrease loan default risk of farmers. Contact us for a quote for your region of interest.

Crop insurance support

Satellite data is being used for automated claim checking and risk assessment in relation to crop insurance in Indonesia. Satellites monitor crop growth, detect anomalies and assess damages resulting from floods, drought and diseases. TerraSphere provides crop data based on satellites for an in-house platform that is used by Indonesian insurance company Jasindo. Cost savings on field checks are achieved with over 1 million smallholder farmers currently insured.

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